Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sonu Sood no more in ‘Dabangg 2′??

Now this is going to be a bad news for the Dabangg fans.. If buss is to be believed, the antagonist of Dabangg, Sonu Sood has reportedly opted out of the film’s sequel.
The main reason for him to take such a decision is the entry of Prakash Raj into the films sequel. Prakash Raj plays a villian in Salman Khan’s return as Chulbul Pandey.
This hasn’t gone down well with Sonu. Having earned huge appreciation for his awesome prformance as Chhedi Singh in the 2010 blockbuster, Sonu doesn’t want to jeopardise his image by playing Prakash’s sidekick.
Sonu, you do have a point.


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