Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Force (Hindi Movie)

ProducerVipul Shah
 DirectorNishikant Kamat
 MusicHarris Jayaraj
 WriterRitesh Shah
 LyricsJaved Akhtar
 Release Date30-Sep-2011

John Abraham, Genelia Dsouza, Raj Babbar, Mohnish Bahl
About Force
Force is a film directed by Nishikant Kamat. The film is actually a remake of Tamil hit film Kaakha Kaakha starring Suirya and Jyothika. Force is a film based on fight between good and evil. There is love story as well, which becomes the nerve of the film. The film unfolds the story of Yashvardhan (John Abraham) who is a trusted police officer woking in the Narcotics Control Bureau. He and three of his colleagues – Atul Kalsekar (Mohnish Bahl), Mahesh Pandey (Amit Gaur) and Kamlesh (Kamlesh Sawant) - are out to track down India's drug cartels. While doing so, Yashvardhan encounters a ruthless enemy, Vishnu (Vidyut Jammwal), who will stop at nothing till he avenges the damage done to his business by the narcotics team. Yash thinks, marriage is not for him as his job is pretty risky. But Maya (Genelia D'souza) enters his life like a whiff of fresh air and pushes him to make a choice between the life he already knows and the life he could have with her. Yash takes Maya as his life partner but his life changes forever after that. So, does Yash succeed in to wipe out the drug dealers forms the rest part of the story. Performance wise, John Abraham is a big surprise. He delivers a super fine performance. He gets in to the skin of the character and does justice to the role. Mohnish Bahal is top notch. He has a great come-back. Kamlesh Swant is okay. Amit Gaurr is wonderful. Mukesh Rishi is excellent. Raj Babbar and Anaitha Nair are just okay. On the whole, Force is a film with an engaging story. The film has an ample amount of force. Not for faint hearted as there is lots of bloodshed. Excellent film for John Abraham's Fans.


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