Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Akshay Kumar handcuffed for 4 hours...

It all happened at the sets of the forthcoming directorial venture from Farah Khan, ‘Tees Maar Khan’ where Khiladi Kumar was handcuffed for not one or two but long four hours. However, this was not for some crime done by Akshay but it was an accident. Akshay had to shoot for a sequence with handcuffs on and when Akshay was playing with the cuffs and he put them on, the lock was clicked. It was then discovered that the only key to the cuffs was accidentally broken and there was no duplicate key. The production team immediately beckoned a locksmith but the cuffs being imported stuff he couldn’t open them. Farah then sent a team member to bring the duplicate key which was at the other end of the city and it took 4 hours.
But sporting as Akshay is, he did not complain once and taking it in the right spirit he went around the sets handcuffed and even finished all the shots that were supposed to be filmed with the hero in hand cuffs.



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