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Monday, June 7, 2010

katrina kaif new

My RAW Parrot with DOVES and Sparrow...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ranbir Kapoor to endorse John Players..

Kites to hit theatres on May 21.......

Hum Tum Aur Ghost – Hit or Flop..

Big B joins the Bandwagon

amitabh bachchan save tiger
When Beta Bachchan is doing his bit for the world, can Papa Bachchan be left behind? The megastar has joined the bandwagon to save the big cats. “Save the tiger” campaign, a joint initiative by Aircel and NDTV, will see Big B as its campaign ambassador. He expressed his concern over the dwindling number of tigers in his blog. With just 1411 tigers left, this surely calls for an action.
Other celebrity to be associated with saving our “national pride” is the Indian skipper M.S Dhoni. With two big names from the two passionate religions in India- Bollywood and cricket, we are sure about the campaign’s success.

It’s quality over quantity for me now: Dia Mirza (Interview)

Shahid over Hritik for Khan..

danshing hrithik shahid
Shahid Kapoor’s dancing skills became obvious to the world when he gave a stupendous performance at the 55th Filmfare Award function. His act was a tribute to the legendary dance icon- Micheal Jackson and left the audience spell-bound. People are already started the speculation that the Kaminey star will soon take the place of Hritik Roshan as the best dancer of Bollywood.
Ahman Khan, the famous choreographer, feels that Shahid knows the technicalities of dancing, that makes his movements interesting. Khan confesses that he finds Kapoor’s dances more enjoyable and better than the performances of Roshan or Devaa. Now that’s some comparison, we would say!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Katrina Kaif to sport

‘Kites’ to be released in Hindi & English versions on 21st May................

Deepika Padukone on the cover of Maxim’s 50th ssue....

I am not hot says Katrina Kaif....

I don’t believe in size zero, says Deepika Padukone....

Actress Kareena Kapoor is known for her size zero as much as her love life and acting prowess. But here is one actor who doesn’t believe in size zero, and she is Deepika Padukone.
Yes, Deepika said that she is not a size zero and doesn’t believe in it. She added that Indian body type doesn’t suit it. She went on to say that it’s nice to be little full and have a nice shape.
Well, we all know that Deepika is blessed to have a wonderful body!

Preity Zinta plays her role of a dedicated daughter..............

Lakme Fashion Week Day 3: Deepika Padukone’s hot on the ramp..........

Deepika Padukone was the showstopper for Shantanu and Nikhil at Lakme India Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2010. Present for the show were Sania Mirza, Shahana Goswami and Shazahn Padamsee among others

Akshay Kumar handcuffed for 4 hours...

It all happened at the sets of the forthcoming directorial venture from Farah Khan, ‘Tees Maar Khan’ where Khiladi Kumar was handcuffed for not one or two but long four hours. However, this was not for some crime done by Akshay but it was an accident. Akshay had to shoot for a sequence with handcuffs on and when Akshay was playing with the cuffs and he put them on, the lock was clicked. It was then discovered that the only key to the cuffs was accidentally broken and there was no duplicate key. The production team immediately beckoned a locksmith but the cuffs being imported stuff he couldn’t open them. Farah then sent a team member to bring the duplicate key which was at the other end of the city and it took 4 hours.
But sporting as Akshay is, he did not complain once and taking it in the right spirit he went around the sets handcuffed and even finished all the shots that were supposed to be filmed with the hero in hand cuffs.

Raajneeti brings Ranbir-Katrina together again....

The competitive spirit has taken over Raajneeti in a big way. Both Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif see the film as a passport to the National awards. With stalwarts like Naseeruddin Shah, Manoj Bajpai, Nana Patekar and Ajay Devgn in the cast, the young stars of the show have decided to pull out all stops to ensure their performances are noticed at the right places.
“Katrina and Ranbir have surrendered themselves completely to the project and will do whatever is required” says Prakash Jha, the director of Raajneeti.

Genelia d’Souza: in skinny jeans or in shorts?????

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shiv Sena brands Aamir and SRK as 2 Idiots ....

Both Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan have come under the ire of Political group Shiv Sena after they voiced their anger against the exclusion of Pakistani cricketers in IPL.
Branding them as 2 Idiots, a party spokesperson says in their tabloid Dopahar Ka Saamna, “In real life, Aamir and Shah Rukh have been proved as ‘2 Idiots’ as both are making stupid statements supporting the cause of Pakistani cricketers.”
“On the one hand, while SRK is openly displaying his love for Pakistani players, Aamir has even put nationalistic sentiments in his utterances on this issue.”
Shiv Sena’s comments are also accompanied by a photo from 3 Idiots where Madhavan face is replaced by SRK’s pouty face.
Earlier on SRK’s comments on wanting Pakistani players in IPL, Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut had said, “he could go play his matches in Lahore, not in India”.
Folks who do you think is correct? Shiv Sena or Aamir-SRK?

SRK feels lonely inside...

The Superstar of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan has his own lonely moments and there are times when he gets paranoid on small issues like his socks.
SRK says, “I have a strange attachment to socks. They should feel right. I could be missing a flight, but if my socks are wrong, I have to take them off… I won’t wear nylon socks with sneakers. The only time I get disturbed during shooting is over my socks. I hate brown socks and different-coloured socks.”
SRK talks about his loneliness, he says, “I can come across as a user, manipulator, disinterested, weird, reclusive, strange, arrogant from the outside. But the people involved know the truth…there are days I feel lonely on the inside. I guess that’s the way I am. I’ve never gotten into relationships because I’m scared to. I have a shield. I’ve lost my parents, so now I don’t like to lose relationships. I have to admit that at 44 I am socially and emotionally inept.”
SRK will be next seen in Karan Johar’s My Name is Khan.

Anushka Sharma graces Femina..

Anushka Sharma is the latest cover girl for Femina’s upcoming issue. The leggy lass is given a goth look for the cover. Doesn’t she look similar to Sonam Kapoor on the cover? Like?

Katrina Kaif to don

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Priyanka Chopra wins a National Award for Fashion .

Last year Priyanka Chopra sweeped all the awards for her hard hitting performance in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion, this year she has bagged her first ever National award for the same movie.
Talking about the award from America, Priyanka said, “I will give full credit to Madhur (Madhur Bhandarkar) and the crew. I am really honoured. National Award is the biggest honour of our country and I am really honoured to have received one.”
Later she also tweeted, “Thank you Madhur, Ronnie, Kangana, Mughda, Arjan, Arbaaz and the cast and crew!! A huge shout to my team and all of u!! God is kind!!! Yaaaaayyy!!”
Kangana Ranaut also won the best supporting actress award for Fashion and Priyanka congratulated her on Twitter. Arjun Rampal won the best supporting actor award for Rock On.
Congratulation’s for the National award honors Priyanka,Arjun and Kangana. :)

Karthik Calling Karthik posters ,,,

Check out the posters of Karthik Calling KArthik starring Farhan Akhtar and Deepika Padukone. Like them?

Katrina wants to win a National Award ..

After Priyanka Chopra won the best actress National Award for Fashion, Katrina Kaif is also very keen on winning the National honor for her performance in her upcoming flick Rajneeti where she plays a role of a politician.
A source says, Katrina is very keen on winning a National Award. She doesn’t seem to hanker after the rest of the awards, but yes, on the sets she often mentioned that winning the National Award would mean the world to her.”
Katrina apparently asked Prakash Jha to give her some strong dramatic scenes in the movie with National award winner Ajay Devgan.
However Katrina slams the rumors, she says, “The script of the film is exactly as it was. And I certainly don’t think I’m winning the National Award.”
Folks do you think Katrina has chance of winning a national award?

Priyanka Chopra’s Mad Fan...

Celebrities have lots of fan following but sometime they encounter fans who are completely mad for them. Recently Priyanka Chopra got such a fan who loves her madly. The crazy fan has taken shelter near Priyanka’s house, Yari road building.
Though he isn’t allowed inside, but he doesn’t give up and keep on begging the security guards to let him meet Priyanka.
The passionate fan daily sends Priyanka a rose through her guards. Although he has been told again and again that she is in America shooting for her film “Anjaana Anjaani”, he doesn’t move. He spends all his time near Priyanka’s house and even sleeps with the watchmen. The news was confirmed by Priyanka’s father, Dr. Ashok Chopra.

Priyanka Chopra

Salman blasts critics for bad Veer review .


Salman Khan is not taking the bad reviews of Veer by critics with a pinch of salt, instead he claims that the critics have been paid to write negatively about his magnum opus Veer.
Salman wrote on a social networking site, “I tell you critics are paid and they can’t be a better judge than audience. So, please go and watch it. I boycott critics and request you not to go by the reviews and they are just good for nothing. I promise- Veer won’t disappoint you.”
For people who have seen Salman’s dream movie Veer – do you think it is a disaster or a very great flick?

Poll of the Day.

Askmen recently conducted a poll for most desirable women and supermodel Padma Lakshmi beat Aishwarya Rai and grabbed the 15th position, while Aishwarya Rai came on 63rd position. Who do you think is more desirable Padma or Aishwarya?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ranbir falls in love everyday..

In a recent interview Ranbir Kapoor bares all and informs us that he falls in love everyday. Read to know more:
You have been voted as the sexiest man alive. How does it feel?
There is nothing sexy about me. I have a long nose; big cheeks, long face, broad forehead and my legs are too thin. So I am anything but sexy. But I believe that handsome is as a handsome does. See, in my field you have to blank out all these things. I am an actor and the sole reason of my being is to act and give good performances. I try not to get carried away with such things.
Your towel-dropping scene in ‘Saawariya’ generated a huge controversy. So were you wearing anything under the towel?
No. I was absolutely naked. And fortunately or unfortunately the censor board edited it. Mr Bhansali had a concept that when a young man would fall inlove he would act in a certain way. And the towel dropping act was a guy’s private moment.
So did you drop the towel when you fell in love for the first time?
No. There is nothing like that or else I will have to drop the towel everyday. I fall in love everyday.
So, are you single?
See if I am not married it means that I am single. But if you ask me whether I am in a relationship or not then I feel that I am not a reality TV star and my personal life is something I don’t want to talk about. I am an actor and I would like if people would only talk about my films and my work.
But have you and Deepika broken up?
If I will say ‘yes’ to you, then tomorrow ten other people will ask me ten other odd questions. Thousand of stories will be generated and that will just create more misunderstanding. So I would like to stay clear of all this for now.

Aishwarya’s Endhiran stills endhi1...

Check out the stills from Aishwarya Rai and RajniKanth starrer Endhiran. Aishwarya’s costumes have been designed by Manish Malhotra. Like this pairing?

Pyaar Impossible wallpapers....

Pyaar Impossible wallpapers

Check out the wallpapers of upcoming movie Pyaar Impossible starring Priyanka Chopra and Uday Chopra. It is a story about a hot girl named Alisha and not so good looking Abhay who study in the same college.

Kareena: Aamir and I look great together...

Kareena Kapoor is basking in the glory of 3 Idiots, although her role was very limited in the movie.
Kareena says, “Who says I’ve nothing to do? I’m very much part of the main drama. Would the story move forward if you remove my character?”Everywhere I go, I am swamped by compliments for the role. The length of the role didn’t matter. I’m just glad to be part of a historic happening.”
Talking about her chemistry with Aamir she says, “Everyone in one voice thinks we look good together. I think Aamir and I make a fantastic pair. I’dlove to do another film with him immediately, this time I don’t want share him with other pivotal characters.”
“When Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir asked me to be part of their film, I jumped at it. I knew the film would be special because of Raju and Aamir, and I was right. As far as our cinema is concerned, Aamir is god.”
Well folks want to see more of Kareena and Aamir?

Shahrukh Khan makes his Twitter debut..

Shahrukh Khan makes his Twitter debut

King Khan SRK made his debut on social networking site Twitter yesterday and on his very first day at the microblogging site he had more than 11,000 followers.
SRK tweeted, “Being extremely shy, I never thought I would be here (on Twitter). But my friend Karan Johar insisted that I should learn to share my life.”
“Thanks everyone, this is really sweet…didn’t expect such a warm welcome. Love to you all.”
SRK shared his routine with his followers by regularly tweeting “kids and life calling.. watching tim burton’s 9 with them, last holiday…so up late…catch up later. sleep or be awake well.love to all(sic).”
He also tweeted about his huge abscence in the year 2009, “Injury has kept me away from making more films, will work my back off to be around more, the shoulder feels strong and so do I.”
SRK’s twitted id is IamSRK.