Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shahid Kapoor The Latest Perfectionist In Bollywood..

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor seems like the latest perfectionist in B-town. The actor seen changing his style and looks for the films according to the requirements. Like he seen wearing numberd glasses in Jab We Met, wearing not iron clothes inKismet Konnection, a muscular body for Vishal Bharadwaj’s Kaminay. Later when it comes to Ken Ghosh’s film, Ken wanted Shahid to take away his muscular body and look lean. Meanwhile, Shahid managed to do that in just a week time.
A close friend of Shahid said, “Shahid went through the transformation quickly for Ken’s film. Since he plays an international dancing star, Ken wanted him to change his physique and he gave him only a week’s time to get rid of the beefy muscles.”
“He has gotten rid of the stubble, changed his hair style with Dilshad and his trainer Abbas Ali has put him under a stringent food diet to attain a lean look,” added the friend.
Abbas Ali confirmed this and said, “I’ve put him through functional training that I learnt in Toronto. The look of his body needed to be just like Justin Timberlake, fit naturally, not pumped up like a bouncer or a body builder which doesn’t suit a dancer at all. Now, Shahid has reached an optimum fat percentage level, where he doesn’t have any fat or water content, necessary for a very lean athletic look. He’s only eating brown and red carbohydrates like sweet potato, oats, and brown rice and wheat products, very high fiber like in salads, essential fatty acids via peanut butter, a slice of cheese and very moderate protein, high intake of water and optimum intake of vitamins and minerals. I make him run seven km a week.”
While when contacted to the director Ken Ghosh, he said, “He’s pulled it off beautifully in such a short span of time.”


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