Sunday, December 27, 2009

Salman in Love Again..

Salman Khan
Salman Khan
Salman has fallen in love again, but this time its horses. Salman Khan has always been very fond of pet dogs and was completely devastated, when his two dogs died MySon and MyJaan. Sallu has another pair of dogs MyLove and Saint for his Panvel Farmhouse. Except for dogs Salman has suddenly developed interest for horses, this happened on the sets of Veer. He has also decided to buy a couple of horses for his farmhouse. He also has an animal farm on his Panvel property.
A close source to Salman says, “Salman has grown up with animals around as his dad Salim Khan would have cows and other farm animals at their Panvel land. While shooting for Veer, Salman started taking care of the horses he was working with, as part of the bonding process. He also made special arrangements for their stay and food and made sure that none of the animal suffered while filming. After the shoot, every evening, he and ad man Bharat Dabholkar would go riding. Now Salman loves horses so much that he is planning to buy two. He is contacted all the best horse dealers in the country and will finalize a deal soon.”
When asked Salman about the news he says. “My love for horses has grown a lot especially after the shooting of Veer. In fact now I have decided to buy two horses for my farmhouse.” On the sets of Veer, Laxmi was Salman’s favorite horse. He says, “I was so attached to Laxmi that I must have fed her more biscuits than I have eaten in my entire life! We had the poor villagers all around while shooting who would not get proper water etc and here I had horse-eating biscuits all the time. But I made sure huge biscuit packets also came for the all children there.”
On an occasion Salman had to narrate about his favorite horse he said, “In between shooting for Veer, Laxmi was shooting on some other film when she fell into a pond and nearly died. After healing, she came back to shoot with me for Veer. This time she was scared and shy, especially with strangers, and it took a lot of effort to get rid of her fear. By the time we were done with the shoot of the film, everybody had become so attached to their horses that we used to talk to them more than with each other!”


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