Saturday, December 12, 2009

New moon movie reviews ..

The mystery continues
Producer: Wick Godfrey
Director: Chris Weitz
Cast: Kristen Steward, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner
On Bella's 18th birthday, Edward Cullen and his family move out of Washington to save Bella from the danger of vampires. Bella is shattered and her world comes crashing down. Just when she has made a friend who makes her feel comfortable after Edward, she realises there is something amiss with him too. She gets to know that Jacob, her new found friend is a warewolf and gets caught as a human between Jacob who is a warewolf and Edward who is a vampire.
Wick Godfrey
The challenge was not to simply repeat what the first movie delivered. As the story progresses, the world opens up. We have to evolve the characters and deliver the new world expands. We are digging deeper into Bella's life as her world expands. She is discovering new things about the people of Forks, primarily the Quileutes and Jacob. The discovery that Jacob and his buddies turn into Wolves is a big one.
It was vital for us to really honour Stephenie's creation and the fans that love Twilight series. What we didn't want to do was take her books and try and reinvent them. Chris fell in love with the books and she knew how to bring the story to life and keep it rooted in reality and that was essential. Even though these are fantasy creatures the story feels like our world all the time.



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