Sunday, December 27, 2009

Katrina: I am not sexy..

Katrina Kaif is the undisputed queen of Bollywood with three major hits in 2009. An Asian website recently awarded Katrina with the sexiest Asian actress award.
On being asked about being the most sexy Asian, Katrina says, “Me? Hot and sexy? Nah. People should see me at home. I’m painfully unglamorous. Just another working girl making a living.”
Katrina also talks about the rumors about her relocating her home, she says, “I know I’ve been reading about relocating my home. I admit I’ve looked at a few properties. But nothing seriously. Though it’s a little noisy on my street I’m too attached to the place I stay in. I’m also too lazy to make a move. Yes I’ll need a bigger place when my sister Isabelle joins me. But right now she’s studying acting in the US. There’s still time. I’ve always wanted a home by the sea. But I love my current home too much. So no plans of moving.”
So folks do you think Katrina is the sexiest Asian?


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