Thursday, December 17, 2009

Introducing Salman in Judwaa 2!...

David Dhawan, Sajid Nadiawala and Salman Khan's twin comedy, Judwaa, proved to be a hit...

David Dhawan, Sajid Nadiawala and Salman Khan's twin comedy, Judwaa, proved to be a hit in 1997. And we hear that sequel Judwaa 2 promises to be even better! 

Following the age old storyline of identical twins (Salman Khan) being seperated at birth, Judwaa showcased the antics of the two brothers (Salman). When quiet and mature Prem visited India with his father to find himself a wife (Karisma Kapoor), he meets his outgoing twin brother Raja, leading to a series of comic situations.

With Bollywood littered with movies of identical twins, the concept is far from original.  However Producer Sajid has said that the plot for the upcoming sequel not only takes the story further, but is also different from other double role films that have since followed the original.  Apparently Director David Dhawan has also been busy working on Salman Khan's character which promises to have a special new spin!
According to Sajid, Judwaa 2 will move ten years ahead with both brothers given a completely different look.  But whilst Judwaa saw Salman cast opposite Rambha and Karishma Kapoor; both actresses will be absent in the sequel.  Talks are currently on for Kareena Kapoor to star in the sequel. 


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