Saturday, December 12, 2009

Injured Pooja promises to stand tall at Miss World 2009 tonight..

Pooja Chopra
Pooja Chopra
The finale of Miss World 2009 is about to start in Johannesburg tonight, while Indian contestant Pooja Chopra is under a spell of misfortune with sprained ankle on the eve of final event. Now she has a cast up to her knee, which means when other 112 contestants will be walking smoothly and effortlessly on the stage, Pooja will be conscious with each step with the cast. However, except the physical difficulty nothing can hold her back, as she is high on spirits and excited to represent her nation.
“I wonder what destiny holds for me,” questions Pooja. Hopes of millions of Indians rest up on her and today she not only needs luck but people’s prayers too. “Is the crown going to be mine? I only thought of myself as a winner all the while. Now I need the people’s prayers to help me overcome this trauma,” she adds from Johannesburg.
After the accident, Pooja was wondering to know why God had brought her so far… to go through such a pain just before her final presentation. “But then, I feel I must stand tall,” she motivates herself.
Meanwhile, Julia Morley the organiser of the event, being kind to Pooja told her not to participate in dance round but walk few steps on stage. The girl is determined to do so says, “I know there’s tremendous compassion for me as the pageant itself stands for that value. But I am also aware that this is a beauty contest and my looks are going to be judged apart from my brains.”
Pooja’s mother Neera Chopra is accompanying her at the event and she prays, “I hope my daughter’s dream to win the crown is realised.”
Meanwhile, the high on spirit and determined Pooja says, “Today, I shall stand tall for my country and no one can hold me back.”
Watch the finale on Zee Cafe at 8 pm. Moreover, former Miss World and Indian beauty Priyanka Chopra will be there as one of the judges.


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