Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sonam sister Rhea Kapoor ever smiling putting her foot forward in Bollywood

Rhea Kapoor, sister of the flamboyant and ever smiling actor Sonam Kapoor is putting her foot forward in Bollywood. According to the sources Rhea will be the official producer of a women oriented film Ayesha. Sonam will be playing the lead role in the film.
It’s Anil Kapoor’s home production which is producing the film and surely he will be the producer, but Rhea will be the film’s official producer.
Now a day, the two sisters are bonding a lot to each other like never before. Soon they will fly to LA for rehearsing Sonam’s costumes for the film. Designer Mona May will design the costumes for the film who has also designed Amy Adams’ clothes for Enchanted. The Kapoor’s will not leave any stone unturned to give distinctive look for the character of Ayesha.
Shooting of the film will go on floors from June 20, in Delhi. The film is supposed to be the most expensive women centric film of Bollywood.


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