Saturday, November 7, 2009

Preity Wants to Die Rich.....

Guess, Preity has learnt enough of ‘business’ from her former beau businessman Ness Wadia in all the years that they dated. So much that Preity not only bought herself a cricket team but actually made so much of moolah out of it that she says she doesnt have to care for money for all her life now.
Now Preity has got another great businessidea for making money but for charity by forming an all-international girls’ basketball squad called the Dream Girls team.
“The players will be internationally-famous women like film stars, supermodels, socialites and, of course, there’ll be me – the captain – and we’ll be playing with professional basketballteams around the world. American experts from NBA will train us,” said Preity, who stands 5 feet 5 inches tall in her socks but has quite a sporting background. “Nobody knows I’ve been a gymnast for 11 years, I did karate for nine years, I am very good at basketball and I rifle shoot too,” she said, adding, “People said that it was a crazy idea to give one-and-a half years to IPL, but then today, financially, I don’t have to care for the rest of my life.”
She is taking a 6 week sabbatical from Bollywood. And ask her if she is over Bollywood and films she tells you,
“Are you kidding? I’m not retiring to the jungles! Of course, money is important. I do charity and all but I still need to wear my brands, travel first class and pamper myself. I believe more in living rich than dying rich. My biggest fear is to die broke, ex-film star,” laughed the bubbly actress who devotes a lot of time to causes like child trafficking and the upliftment of women. I want to do full-on commercial films now.”
Wont be surprised to see Preity as a rich old woman in a few years!


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