Sunday, November 1, 2009

Movie Review: London Dreams.......

“London Dreams” has released and appeared as frustratingly foolish film. Vipul Shah’s “London Dreams” can’t be considered a film worth watching. The film’s conflict could be instantly solved if the characters simply sat down and had a chat. The story has unnecessarily trapped in confusion.
Ajay Devgn plays Arjun, an aspiring pop-artiste obsessed with performing before a cheering crowd at London’s Wembley Stadium. He becomes jealous of his devoted best friend and band-mate Manu, played by Salman Khan, who is evidently more talented than him, but nowhere near as focused or ambitious.
Then, Arjun decides to sabotage Manu when the latter’s popularity threatens to outshine his own. Arjun uses his connections to get Manu hooked onto drugs. A buxom groupie urges Manu to down a couple of tequila shots with her but replaces his salt with cocaine. Before you know it, Manu has acquired quite the appetite for the addictive white powder, practically chomping it down like dinner.
The idiocy, however, doesn’t end there. There’s a crude scene later in which Manu chases after the said girl to find out who she’s been taking orders from. The pursuit ends in a dark London alley where the girl gets down on her knees pretending doing the unmentionable so as to mislead Manu’s girlfriend who’s been secretly following after them.
One must scream hysterically when Arjun snaps off his belt and whips himself mercilessly to banish all thoughts of romance or lust towards the band’s lead dancer Priya (played by Asin) because nothing and no one must distract him from his musical goals.
The film also consists of a pre-climax scene in which he lectures a packed concert hall and is understandably pelted with plastic bottles as punishment. The film goes for broad humor, over-the-top emotions, and basically chooses loudness over subtlety. There’s not a single word can be said for Asin, who practically lit up Ghajini with her ebullient charm, but disappoints here with unnecessary over-acting in a thankless role. Though she has danced really well, but was unable to gather enough appreciation.
Shankar Ehsaan Loy has given the music but nothing special if it is compared with their previous work in “Rock On”.
The film is worth watching if you are a Salman fan. He is the only source that’ll make you smile in this sad, sad film. So, if you really have nothing else to do this weekend, go for London Dreams.


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