Sunday, November 15, 2009

Katrina nicknames Ranbir...

Everyone in Kapoor khandaan has a nickname, the only exception being Ranbir, however Katrina has completed the Khandaan tradition by nicknaming Ranbir.
During a press conference, Ranbir said, Everyone has lovely names, but just look at the pet names in my family… Chimpu, Dabboo, Chintu, Lolo, Bebo… I’m happy that I don’t have one. I am plain, old Ranbir.”
Suddenly Katrina blurted out that Ranbir does have a nickname and she did the honor of nicknaming him.
She said, “Ranbir’s nick-name is ‘Puffin’. Puffin is the national bird of Iceland, and a distant relative of the penguin. The difference is that puffins are more colorful, they have puffier cheeks and colored beaks. So Ranbir is like a puffin. He’s like a colorful penguin, he has happy feet and on some days he can look really puffy.”


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