Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bebo:Kurbaan is a right mix of everything...

Kareena Kapoor is exited about her upcoming flick Kurbaan which releases after 9 days and describes the movie as the perfect mix of everything.

Kareena says, “I always had a lot of faith in it and now as the film is completed, I am all the more convinced that it was a great decision on my part to work with him, I have a lot of faith in his skills since he has managed to make a film which is one of the finest and most sensible affairs in recent times. He has made sure that there is everything from thrills, emotions, smiles, tears and love in KURBAAN.”
Bebo also shares a good rapport with director Rensil, she says, “He is the kind of person with whom I can discuss any topic under the sun. Our wavelength matches. He has turned out to be a good friend.”
Kurbaan starrs Om Puri,Kirron Kher, Saif Ali Khan,Vivek Oberoi,Kareena Kapoor and Dia Mirza


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