Friday, October 9, 2009

Vivek gets back on Abhishek

Well looks like Vivek Oberoi finally got back on Abhishek Bachchan for stealing Aishwarya from him by getting him out of Ram Gopal’s next venture.He coaxed Ramu to drop Abhishek & take him for Rakta Chitra. Earlier it was thought that this change had happened due to Vivek’s patch up with Ram Gopal Verma. But the real truth behind the change has been Vivek’s right timing & smartness. Abhi was RGV’s first choice for the role, which later passed onto Vivek. Varma had discussed the storyline with Junior Bachchan.
Even Amitabh Bachchan was very upbeat about the film.Ramu was ready to negotiate the deal with AB baby.However, Abhishek was not keen to be in. Which in present circumstances is quite a wise action seeing the way Ramu’s film bomb at the Box office. He has even crossed the hatrick record of flops. The refusal was partly due to the script which didn’t excite him and partly due to Ramu’s refusal to watch Dostana even when he was personally invited by Abhi.
Meanwhile, Vicky desperately searching for a proper comeback found it a perfect opportunity to bang on the target as Abhi was dilly-dallying the project, Vivek coaxed RGV to cast him as the one. Thus Vivek stole the role from Abhi.


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