Sunday, October 11, 2009

Urvashi Sharma

Now a day actress Urvashi Sharma is all excited about signing an international flick, but she tells that she is not comfortable with the nude scene which the script of the film demands. The film is titled as Bounty Hunter. No, it’s not the same film starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. It’s a different project and is sponsored by the UK Film Council.
“I’m excited as I’m the only Indian girl in the film. I’m going to London this month to finalise things,” says Urvashi.
Her films till date didn’t create much hoopla, but the actress is looking forward to year 2010 with hope. Today she is free from the contract with the production house which was not allowing her to sign films from other banners. Meanwhile, there was buzz about her friction with the Aap Ke Liye Hum team. The director of the film Revathy Varmha was claming that Urvashi has thrown out from the film because of her bad behavior. However the actress says that she left the project when she got post-dated cheques that bounced.
Talking about the tiff Urvashi said, “I tried to contact the producer for two months after I found out the cheque has bounced, but I couldn’t get through. That’s highly unprofessional.”
Revathy also claimed that Urvashi is so hungry for publicity that she agreed to do a bikini act for the project. Clarifying it, the actress replied, “I’m not the one who leaked this information. I kept quiet about this issue for two months. In fact, it’s quite embarrassing for an actor to go through something like this.”
Then what about the nude scene for Bounty Hunter? “We need to figure out how it will be done or whether it needs to be done at all. I’m an Indian girl, and in the film I play an Indian girl with Indian values. I wouldn’t be comfortable doing a nude scene,” tells the actress.
Other than the international film, Urvashi will be next seen in Chai Garamalongside Sunil Shetty and Govinda. She is also doing a song which “is not an item number” for Priyadarshan’s yet to be titled film.


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