Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sonam Kapoor is no daddy’s girl

She may proclaim her father, Anil Kapoor, as “the best actor in the country”, but actress Sonam Kapoor says she’s not the one to piggyback on her dad’s popularity. “I try to keep away from propping myself as someone who uses her dad,” she says, addressing a question of whether her father’s international prominence post Slumdog Millionaire has opened avenues for her in Hollywood.

“My dad being big is not going to open doors for me anywhere. It’s doing films likeSaawariya, which was produced by an international company, andDelhi-6, which was shown at international film festivals that has given me a lot of visibility abroad,” she maintains.

The actress takes a strong stand as being constantly classified as a ‘party-girl’ as well. Talking about a picture of her drinking that surfaced on the internet, she says, “I was drinking in that [picture]. I drink and I have a good time, I’m a young girl. But articles that are written baselessly or when someone has an agenda against you — that’s unfair. But then, I am in the media eye, and I chose to be there by being an actor. I know what’s coming and I’ve been brought up to deal with it.”

And what does she think about rumours of her being linked up to actors Ranbir Kapoor and Cyrus Sahukar? “Ranbir is one of my best friends and he’s seeing someone. I’m friendly with both of them, and they come to my house a lot. So that [linking me and Ranbir] will be a little incestuous then, right? I’m aware of Cyrus, too, because he called me in panic,” she laughs.

So once and for all — is she or is she not in a relationship? “No, I’m not… unfortunately or fortunately, I don’t know… that’s for you to decide. There are no good men around,” rues the actress, who unveiled People magazine’s second edition of India’s Best Dressed in the Capital recently.


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