Friday, October 9, 2009

Shilpa Shetty to buy an Indian football club?

The Football House in New Delhi had unexpected visitors on Wednesday. Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, accompanied by her boyfriend Raj Kundra, stepped inside the headquarters of the All India Football Federation (AIFF), showing more than just passing interest in Indian football. Shilpa, who co-owns the IPL Rajasthan Royals team with her London-based businessman boyfriend, spent some time at the AIFF headquarters as general secretary Alberto Colaco was kept busy fielding questions.”It was a casual meeting,” Colaco said after the conclave which lasted for more than an hour.
“Shilpa and Raj were quite enthusiastic about Indian football and wanted to know about various development projects, our competitions and the general football structure.The meeting went off quite well,” continued Colaco.Those in the know said both Shilpa and Raj are keen followers of the game and are nursing an idea of raising a top level team for domestic competitions.”Both of them had met up with (president in-charge) Praful Patel.
They are good friends, and it was Patel who asked them to visit the AIFF headquarters and learn more about the game,” disclosed Colaco.Almost all of a sudden, Indian football seems to be getting its dose of glamour. When contacted, a close associate of Shilpa Shetty confirmed that the couple were very keen on owning a football team in India.”It is Raj Kundra who is very keen on associating himself with football in India in a big way. He intends to own a football club in India,” said the source.


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