Sunday, October 11, 2009

John Abraham

The film titled as Bombay Velvet, will be directed by our own Anurag Kashyap and the Slumdog… fame Danny Boyle. However the even more interesting part is that it features you three hottest hunks of Bollywood: Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham.

In fact John was the first actor to be signed for the film, before the much established names (SRK and Aamir) made news. A source said, “This was just after John and Anurag formed a mutual fan-club after working together in No Smoking. Although the film didn’t work at the box-office both John and Anurag vowed to do another film. That’s when Bombay Velvet was born. The film has three segments and John was signed on for the second segment. He will play a real-life 1960s hero of the masses.” SRK and Aamir will play in the first and third part respectively.
Soon after John knew that he has signed for the role, the actor started preparing for the character by reading extensively. John’s role demands him to acquire completely new mannerism and body language. He has to cast off his contemporary style. John admitted that his friends often teased him saying that he has lost the project. But the actor never listened to them and kept on working.
Talking about one of the teasing, John’s friend said, “When he heard that Aamir was signed, John was really happy for Anurag. People told John that Aamir had replaced him but John knew the truth. Even if it was true, he’d have been happy for Anurag. However, Anurag would never ever drop John. After 10 years of struggle in the film industry, John was the first hero who took Anurag seriously. Earlier every attempt to get into the big league had failed. Anurag would rather drop the project than drop John.”
Talking about John’s participation to the film, Anurag earlier said, “John Abraham has drastically cut his price for my next film Bombay Velvet. So even when I work with stars my project becomes economical. I don’t charge any money as a director until the film makes money. After No Smoking, John and I want to make sure our film is accessible to the audience. Today I realise where I had gone wrong in my earlier cinema. I’m working on my weak points. I tend to get repetitive. So I’ve got two writers for Bombay Velvet who criticized me the most for No Smoking.”


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