Friday, October 16, 2009

Celina has donned a new hair, do with much shorter hair in this thriller film!

Celina jaitley has been much in news for her take lesbians. Now, she is all set to show some of her acting skills and also shock everyone with her entirely new negative look. In her next movie ‘Accident on Hill Road’ she’ll be playing a negative character and she reportedly took 15 days to decide on the right style for the character and chose a very vampy appearance. She also joined a 10 day acting workshop to brush up on her acting skills.

Celina has donned a new hairdo with much shorter hair in this thriller produced by Nari Hira of Magna Films. The new hairdo has changed Celina’s appearance so much that one takes a couple of seconds of closer look before one realizes the fact that it is indeed Celina on the frame.

“The new look has been created by Hakim Aalim. It was required to cut 10 inches of hair for the look. However, what he ended up doing was save locks of ten inches for me”, laughs Celina.

Directed by Mahesh Nair, the film also stars Farooq Sheikh and Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh. The film shows how Farooq and Celina cross paths when Celina’s car hits Farooq in a freak road accident. What happens thereafter forms the crux of the film.


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